What are Google Ads?

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Google Ads (formerly named AdWords), is Google’s answer to paid search advertising. Google Ads appear on TOP of the organic search results for each paid keyword.
What’s a keyword? A keyword is anything a user types into google. In the below case, the keyword would be “ipad pro.” One of the most important aspects of using Search Engine Marketing is doing keyword research to figure out the highest converting keywords for your business.
Ad Position
In 2017, ad revenue accounted for just over 86% of all Google revenue. Google pulled in $95.4 billion dollars from ad revenue, and $110.9 billion dollars total. The profitability comes from the incredible efficiency seen by advertisers in getting their offerings on the top of Google search results, at the very moment a customer is searching for that item.
Notice how the Google Text Ads appear above the official Apple Website, and the Google Shopping Ads (with prices/links) appear right to the side.
How Does it Work?
When someone clicks your ad, you pay a predefined amount to Google. This amount differs on keyword choice, Ad Rank (more on that in the next blog!) and relevance.
It’s that simple! Or is it? Without proper keyword research, conversion tracking and metrics, it’s very easy to lose money on Google Ads, usually by paying way too much per click.
However, when used properly, Google Ads can do well to complement other marketing channels and increase revenue for both large, and small businesses.